5 tips to warm your home°

During winter, we aim to keep our homes warm and cosy. Ensuring a warm home not only enhances comfort but also promotes good health

You can follow simple and efficient methods to maintain the ideal temperature in your home

you shouldn’t have to use more energy than you need°

Read on for our top tips on how you can maintain a warm and comfortable home this winter, without incurring excessive costs!

To start maintaining warmth in your home, assess for any drafty areas. These usually occur around windows or doorways. Inspect your window seals and exterior doors for any influx of cold air.

Eliminate drafts by using inexpensive draft stoppers. Just ensure not to obstruct any deliberate ventilation systems like extractor fans, wall vents, or trickle vents near your windows

Ensure that your radiators are functioning properly by checking if they are warm at the bottom but cold at the top, which may indicate the need for bleeding. Bleeding is a simple task that can be done at home.

If multiple radiators require bleeding, follow this sequence for best results:

Tip: Start with the radiator farthest from the boiler, then move to the rest of the radiators, working your way towards the boiler. If you live in a two or more story house, start with the downstairs radiators before proceeding to the upstairs ones.

  1. Turn off your heating and wait for the radiators to cool.

  2. Place an old cloth or jug under the bleed valve and insert the bleed key.

  3. Turn the key counterclockwise until air begins to escape (you’ll hear a hissing noise).

  4. When water starts flowing, turn the key clockwise to tighten the valve.

  5. Repeat the process on other radiators, starting from the farthest from the boiler.

  6. Turn your heating back on and check if the radiators are now heating properly.

Additionally, rearrange your furniture to avoid blocking your radiators. By keeping your radiators unobstructed, heat can circulate freely in the room, keeping you warm and cozy

Insulation is an important factor in maintaining a warm home, yet it often goes overlooked. Insulation helps maintain warmth by retaining warm air inside and preventing cold air from entering. Conduct a check of your insulation in your loft, walls, and pipes, which are the primary escape points for heat.

Having appropriate insulation in your home reduces the energy consumption needed for heating. Installing cavity wall insulation can save up to £155 annually on heating bills.

Moreover, installing insulation is a swift and simple process

Heat only the rooms in use for a cosy home, saving on energy bills. Close the doors to unused rooms to prevent them from cooling the rest of your home.

Consider installing draught excluders at the bottom of closed doors to block cold air from entering your heated rooms

Curtains bring texture and privacy to a home, and also aid in keeping it warm. During the day, keep curtains open to let sun rays in and warm the home.

Close curtains in the evening to keep cool air from circulating in the room and retain warmth inside. Consider thermal curtains, which have thicker lining than standard curtains and prevent window draughts from cooling the room

Draught Excluders

Help your heating system retain a comfortable temperature

Radiator Bleed Key

Reduce the cost of your energy bills with a bleed key


Maintain the desired home temperature all year round


Reduce the amount of heat that can escape in the winter

Keep your home cosy and healthy by setting the right indoor temperature! It's always smart to know what the optimal temperature is and make sure it's never dipping below that comfort zone

It's been a pleasure finding helpful ways to keep you warm°

Stay healthy and save money this winter! As the days grow shorter and the temperature dips, these tips will help you keep your home warm without breaking the bank

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