5 Heating System Checks For The Coming Winter

As the summer sunshine begins to fade and the nights start to draw in, it’s a clear sign that winter is on the way

With that comes the colder weather and turning on our heating to keep us warm and toasty at home

Just Before You crank up the thermostat

It’s crucial to inspect your heating system now to avoid any problems when winter arrives and you need to turn on the heat

Before turning on your central heating, it’s important to perform some simple checks to avoid potential boiler breakdowns. Check the pilot light is lit properly and not going out, listen for any unusual or loud noises, check for leaks in the boiler or radiators, and ensure the electrics on the boiler and thermostats are functioning properly.

If you encounter any issues, it’s best to call a qualified engineer to resolve them.

These checks will ensure your boiler can effectively heat your home throughout the winter, giving you peace of mind that you’ll arrive to a warm home

Ensure that any items placed near or on the boiler during warmer months are removed. Eliminate any potential fire hazards near your boiler for safety. As a general guideline, ensure there is approximately 20cm of clearance above, 20cm below, and 60cm of space around the boiler

If you encounter sludge during radiator bleeding, it may be necessary to perform a power flush to eliminate harmful buildup in your heating system. Accumulation of sludge over time can impact the functioning of your boiler, so it’s recommended to contact us promptly upon detecting the problem

Protect your pipes and water tanks in areas that are exposed to the cold, like lofts, garages, and utility rooms, by wrapping them in insulation material to prevent freezing and bursting during the winter season

To protect your heating system from corrosion and keep your boiler functioning optimally, consider using specialised products like inhibitors or boiler filters. Our professional engineers can assist with installation

Radiator Bleed Key

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Our professional engineers are here to help


We highly recommend you do this in preparation for winter


Pipe insulation can be a quick solution to avoid a major issue

"Maximising the efficiency of your boiler during winter is crucial in ensuring its reliability and avoiding energy and financial waste. Your boiler is essential in keeping your home and water warm during the colder months, so it's important to ensure its optimal performance"

It's been a pleasure to keep your home in check for the winter

The good news is that there are several cost-effective measures you can take to optimize your central heating and reduce those high energy bills

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