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Home Heating and Electrical Repairs

Being uncomfortable at home is a valid source of stress, and our team of knowledgeable engineers offers a full range of repair services. From boiler breakdowns to leaks, faults, or electrical issues, our skilled technicians can swiftly and efficiently diagnose and fix any problem

How it Works

For one-time repairs, the cost will be based on the duration of the repair. Simply let us know what needs fixing and choose a convenient time. Our knowledgeable engineer will assess the situation, and if you approve, we will proceed with the repair

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Benefits of Service

Although repairs vary in scope, there are numerous preventable causes that can lead to inoperable heating and electrical systems:

No problem. We’ll handle your issues until they’re all resolved

We don’t provide 24-hour service without a charge, but we are prompt in addressing issues during our working hours. In case of an emergency, rest assured that we will be there to assist you

Immediately evacuate yourself and any other individuals or pets from the home. From outside the home, use a phone to call the National Gas Emergency number at 0800 111 999

Only highly trained professionals should perform work on your heating and electrical systems. Electricians and engineers receive extensive training over the course of many years to obtain their license


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