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Radiators are crucial in warming your home, yet they tend to go unnoticed. Let us enhance the efficiency of your radiators and minimise breakdowns with our expert services. Whether you want to modernise your current radiators with more energy-efficient models or add a unique touch to your home with designer radiators, towel rails, or upgrade the valves to thermostatic ones, our skilled and certified radiator technicians can arrange a complimentary consultation to assess your needs and provide a no-obligation quote

How it Works

Need help fixing leaky, noisy, or inefficient radiators? Our team is equipped to repair them, or even relocate them to a new location. Upgrade your home with modern, efficient radiators by having us replace your old ones

  • Remove sludge and dirt with a Powerflush to make your system more efficient
  • Replace your old radiators to improve home aesthetics, create more space and prevent leaks

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Benefits of Service

Don’t let radiator problems leave you in the cold this winter. Our experienced engineers tackle even the most complex issues to ensure your home stays warm. Trust our quick, reliable, and meticulous team to handle your radiator service and installation needs

You are responsible for paying the labor cost for replacing or installing a radiator. In addition to that, there may be additional charges for materials, parts, radiators, and delivery. Ultimately, you pay for the total cost of the completed job

When installing a new boiler, it may be necessary to replace your radiators if they are not capable of handling the increased pressure output. This is especially true for those who choose greater output or a combination boiler. To ensure the proper radiator type and size for your property, consult with your heating engineer for the best options

Our radiator service, including installation, repair, and replacement, is backed by a 12-month guarantee on workmanship. Materials and parts typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty, giving you added peace of mind. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the work, we’ll make it right and deliver the service you expected

Traditionally, radiators were placed under windows or on exterior walls to maximise limited space and minimise drafts. However, with the advancements in radiator technology, you now have the flexibility to place your radiators anywhere you prefer. Don’t let the location of pipes dictate where your radiator should go. For optimal performance, seek professional advice on the best radiator placement


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