Power Flushing

Power Flushing

A power flush extends the lifespan of your central heating system, reduces costs, and minimises the possibility of malfunctions. Over time, rust, sludge, and scale buildup in the pipes of your heating system and can cause blockages or corrosion, hindering the performance of your boiler

How it Works

A power flush is a process where a specialised machine is used to circulate a chemical solution throughout your heating system including your radiators, pipes, and boiler at high pressure. This helps clear any deposits that could block or reduce the efficiency of your heating system and ensures a smooth flow of water

– Reduces system wear and tear
– Quickly eliminates, sludge, rust and limescale
– Improves system reliability

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Benefit of Service

We employ Fernox’s power flushing machine along with Adey’s Magnacleanse system to thoroughly cleanse your central heating system and treat it with Fernox F1 Inhibitor. Although power flushing might seem costly, it has the potential to result in substantial savings by increasing your system’s efficiency and avoiding costly breakdowns in the future

The requirement for a power flush arises when the central heating system is significantly contaminated. This can be due to various reasons like faulty installation, inadequate cleansing prior to installation, or bacterial growth.

Building regulations dictate that a proper cleanse should be performed before a new boiler installation. The extent of the cleanse may range from a basic system flush using clean water to a powerful power flush for heavily contaminated systems. This ensures that the new system remains uncontaminated and free from the sludge and debris present in the old one

The cost of power flushing a central heating system with up to 10 radiators is typically £400.00 + VAT, with an additional charge of £30.00 + VAT per radiator beyond that

It’s important to hire a professional, Gas Safe registered engineer to handle any work on your central heating system. Although there is no legal requirement to be Gas Safe registered to perform a Power flush, it’s crucial to have the necessary competence and expertise to complete the job effectively.

Improper execution of the task can result in a worse performance of your heating system and there are safety concerns when using specialised chemicals. Hence, it’s recommended to seek the assistance of an expert


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