Gas Safety Inspections

Gas Safety Inspections

In the UK, it is mandatory for landlords to have all gas appliances and flues in rented properties inspected annually by a Gas Safe® registered engineer.

Our engineers will document each gas appliance and their safety status during the inspection

How it Works

The Gas Safe Register is the recognised gas registration organisation for the UK, Isle of Man, and Guernsey. By law, all landlords must have Gas Safe® certification and any gas engineers offering certifications must be listed on the Gas Safe® Register

With us, the average cost of a landlord gas safety inspection (CP12) and certificate is £45.00 + vat

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Benefits of Service

We do a thorough assessment of your property to check gas safety. The full inspection involves checking:

Yes, all rentals, both residential and commercial, must have a gas safety certificate in the U.K

The duration of a gas safety inspection for a typical domestic property typically ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. However, if any repairs are needed, it will take longer. The size of your home may also impact the amount of time it takes for a Gas Safe® registered engineer to thoroughly inspect all appliances and confirm their safety

A Gas Safety Certificate can be deemed as failed for various reasons, including the presence of faulty appliances that pose a hazard, gas leaks in the property, updates in gas safety regulations, or inadequate inspection by prior gas safety engineers. To ensure the safety of your property, it is crucial to obtain a certificate from a trustworthy company such as us

In the UK, gas safety laws are stringent, and the consequences of renting out a property without a gas certificate can be severe. The potential penalties include hefty fines of up to £6,000, invalid insurance, imprisonment for up to six months, and even manslaughter charges in the event of an accident resulting in a tenant’s death caused by a poorly maintained gas system


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