Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Adopt a green and sustainable approach to heating with an air-source heat pump. Thousands of UK homes have already made the switch, and you can too. With the government aiming to eliminate gas boilers in new constructions by 2025, an ASHP guarantees an eco-friendly heating solution

How it works

An air source heat pump operates by drawing in air from the environment, causing a refrigerant liquid to vaporise and transform into gas. The pump then compresses the gas to harness its warmth, which is used to heat your home and provide hot water. To ensure maximum efficiency, your home must meet certain requirements. If it does not, we may not be able to suggest an air source heat pump for your property at this time

  • For us to install an air source heat pump at your home, it’s essential to have a current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or higher
  • Having insulation is crucial for reaping the benefits of a heat pump. Ensure you have proper cavity wall and/or loft insulation. Your EPC rating can inform you if additional insulation is required in your home

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Benefit of Service

An air source heat pump offers a fully manageable heating solution that delivers warmth, hot water, and comfort to your home no matter the weather.

On average, installation of an air source heat pump in a three-bedroom detached house costs between £10,000 and £20,000, inclusive of the heat pump, hot water tank, new radiators, and all labor expenses

Yes – Replacing an outdated and inefficient gas boiler, electric storage heaters, oil, or coal fired systems with an air source heat pump will result in cost savings. However, those with already low energy bills or newer gas boilers may not experience a noticeable change in their energy bills. During the survey, Quint Heating will analyse your heating bill to calculate potential savings and changes before making a recommendation for a heat pump installation

Yes, air source heat pumps have the ability to heat water in an insulated hot water cylinder for later use. The stored hot water can be used for activities such as washing dishes or taking a bath, and remains warm for hours

Yes, and our team will tailor the system to your specifications. For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the heat pump on at a low, comfortable temperature throughout the day. This way, your home will be warm in the morning and evening, and you can adjust the temperature to your preference using the heating controls during the day

Yes, the The Boiler Upgrade Scheme  is a component of the £3.9bn funding allocation announced in the Heat and Buildings Strategy aimed at reducing carbon emissions from homes.

Eligible homeowners can receive government grants of £5,000 for the purchase of eco-friendly low-carbon heating systems like heat pumps, which have a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional natural gas boilers


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